the secure PHP framework


22 June 2018, 15:46

Version 6.4 of the Banshee PHP framework has been released. This version allows you to create e-mail forms in an easy way. This is done by entering a script in the page CMS module. The script below is used to create the contact form at this website.

{{line Name}}
{{email E-mail address}}
{{required text Question or comment}}

In the CMS page administration page, click on the help button in the 'New page' page for more information about the script syntax.

22 June 2018, 17:43
Hey, that looks interesting...I'm using static-site-generator for my sites and need something for the forms and wonder if the forms' data can be sent encrypted to the desired email address?

Hugo Leisink
23 June 2018, 17:20
If the receiving mail server supports SSL/TLS, than yes.
23 August 2018, 03:19
I finally got around to migrating my work in progress site to 6.4 so I can try this out. It is simple and works well.

In the multiple choice option, I found that {{choice Multiple Choice:/1st choice/2nd choice}} give three options in the form (the first being blank or null) while {{choice Multiple Choice:1st choice/2nd choice}} populates the field with the "1st choice" when the form is first shown and there are only two choices. The initial forward slash before "1st choice" makes the field blank.
Hugo Leisink
24 August 2018, 00:51
The slash is a separator for the choices. So, don't start with a slash. Otherwise, Banshee will see the first choice as an empty one.
24 August 2018, 18:49
When "required", if the choice field is skipped, banshee does throw back the field cannot be empty error. I think that is better than having the field populated with the first choice by default unless I am missing something.
Hugo Leisink
25 August 2018, 12:06
A choice field cannot be skipped. Simply don't start the choice options with a slash.