the secure PHP framework


Do a better benchmark with others php frameworks a

10 september 2016, 21:28
Do you already heard about:
* PHP Standards Recommendations
* Symfony components
* Composer
* Unit, integration and functional Tests.

See more around you, don't take me wrong, but your project seems like was created 10 years ago. And how you say, the github works just to expose your project not to receive PRs.
Hugo Leisink
10 september 2016, 21:33
What's the point of creating a new framework and at the same time be more like the other frameworks? And Composer is no way ever going to happen. It's a hell for deployment.
10 september 2016, 22:48
Hugo Leisink, to deploy an application with composer dependencies you just should run "composer install". Symfony components for example, have a code base much more stable. I don't see any test in your project.
Recommendations about code standard(PSR1-PSR2) and autoload (PSR4) that are basic recommendations, not was followed. Just these basic recommendations will be much useful in your project.
Hugo Leisink
11 september 2016, 00:21
Composer is a tool made by developers who have no clue about deploying an application to production. Use such a tool for installing external libraries is just asking for trouble (version conflicts).

... a code base much more stable.

More stable than what?

Sorry, but I don't agree your recommendations are useful for Banshee.
11 september 2016, 00:41
Aren't my recommendations, are php community recommendations.

What do you think about TDD, OOP and Object Calisthenics?

Sorry, but you just do a framework more ugly than codeigniter.
Hugo Leisink
11 september 2016, 00:43
Object Calisthenics sounds like a bunch of theoretical bullshit. Fine that someone has his own coding habits, but don't bother me with it. I have my own.

Sorry, but you just do a framework more ugly than codeigniter.

Fine, than don't use it...
11 september 2016, 01:00
Ok man, i just wanna help showing other vision.
Hugo Leisink
11 september 2016, 01:07
To me it looks like you want me to do things more like what everybody else does. That's no 'other vision'. Banshee is small and clean. If I follow your recommendations, Banshee will be come big and bloated, just like Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and other crap.
11 september 2016, 01:25
You don't understood.
Hugo Leisink
11 september 2016, 02:05
Stavros Kapageridis
11 september 2016, 11:59
"What's the point of creating a new framework and at the same time be more like the other frameworks?" IMHO , i believe that this cover all suggestion of Marcus.
17 september 2016, 14:43
Hopefully, there are guys in development, like Hugo, that do not follow blindly the "mainstream", the "official way of coding", etc.

Do you know a little the Unix history ? Interesting.

Heavy and complicated tools, with guys proud to have created them heavy (isn't a proof of quality ? :-), with (mathematically) more bugs, it's the mainstrean, even in the OpenSource world.

Yes, we are lucky that some "non mainstream developers" still exist, and work well.
Thanks to Hugo for Hiawatha/Banshee.
25 december 2016, 04:22
I'm a happy hiawatha user for many years, and love it and its philosophy.
It needed stumbling on this forum thread though to make me get the point and understand that Banshee can give me the same solution as PHP framework (even better, CMF). Starting my next PHP project now with Banshee.
Merry Christmas!
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